User Guide

What is Solvent-ApiMolder?

ApiMolder lets you design, mock,test and implement APIs that adhere to the OAS. It combines all the functionality that typically require different software components into one package.

Note that ApiMolder is built on top of the ConfigNode product, which it self is built on top of the Solvent WebApps product platform. This means the ApiMolder documentation only covers functionality specific to ApiMolder. Users should consult the ConfigNode and Solvent WebApps product documentations for how to use the platform as a whole.

Designing an API.

In ApiMolder your API design is just another ConfigNode object so all the same rules apply.

First you import the schemas that you need to guide you in creating the API object.

For OAS, the schemas are available on github:

Then create your API objects...that's it.

Your API design is an object graph.

Schema support to guide object creation.

Mocking an API.

You can mock your API by simply creating the desired file system structure of your API and write the necessary code. ApiMolder sits on top of Solvent WebApps, so you can create your mock however you want.

In the future we'll offer auto-gen to create the structure and code based on the API structure.

Testing an API.

ApiMolder uses the testing facility built into the Solvent WebApps platform.

Start test.

Run test.

Capture result.

In the future we'll offer the option to specify HTTP methods for testing.

Deliverying an API.

Delivering an API means making it available for actual use or testing to clients. Since ApiMolder sit on top of the Solvent WebApps platform, you can simply deploy your API the way you would any Solvent application.